My Lessonz Updates

Posted By: My Lessonz
on Feb 13, 2013
Today is a big day! Launch of
Tell us more!
Posted By: My Lessonz
on Feb 18, 2013
Quick and easy questions Which school do you attend? Which grade? Where are you from?
How to be a Tutor
Posted By: My Lessonz
on Mar 18, 2013
At we want to gather students and tutors in a very easy and efficient way. From our experience, we know plenty of students look for tutors for many various subjects in many different locations but yet do not find any tutor… Some tutors already joined the community. It's quick and easy! Use the Register form or sign in with your facebook/linkedin account.Your profile is where you give your first digital impression to other members. Of course, your profile...
How to find the Best Tutor
Posted By: My Lessonz
on Mar 18, 2013
This may be a bit tricky so we tried to make it as easier as possible!Of course you need to look at the qualifications of the tutors. This is very important. As a student, you obviously want your tutor(s) to be qualified and certified in the field they teach. You should also look at their experiences in tutoring in schools, colleges, universities or any institute. You will find this information on any tutor profile.But you should also consider the environment the tutors teach in. This includes t...

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